Roof Shingles for Snowy Climates

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A shingle roof is a classic choice that suits most styles of homes. These roof installations are among the most cost-effective and can look like more expensive materials like slate tile roofing. 

In most circumstances, a shingle roof provides more than adequate coverage for your home. However, some property owners may wonder if metal roofing is better in snowy climates. 

The good news is that shingles can work in cold areas if you choose suitable options. In this article, the AWS Roofing team goes through which choices are best for a new or existing roof replacement. 

Do You Need a Cold Climate Roof? 

The first question to ask is whether you need to worry about cold weather at all. If you’re in an area that experiences a reasonable amount of heavy snow, the answer is “Yes.” Any situation where the snow may pack onto the roof requires sturdy roofing. 

Your roof must be able to: 

  • Withstand the weight of the snow and ice
  • Keep your home warm 
  • Stand up to gale-force winds
  • Shrug off as much snow as possible

Cold Climate Options

You have three basic choices: slate, metal, and fiberglass asphalt shingles. 

Slate Roof

Slate is a go-to roofing material because it is durable and looks lovely. It stands up to extremes in temperature and is ideal in freezing weather, and it is also heavy enough to withstand much of nature’s abuse, including hail.  

Finally, these roofs look beautiful when sloped at a steep angle. The angle makes it easy for snow to slide off the surface. 

However, weight is one of the detracting factors for roofing contractors. You will need to install extra support beams, and this becomes expensive. Considering the cost of the stone itself, it’s a costly option. 

Metal Roof 

There’s a lot to love when it comes to a metal roof and the snow. The smooth surface shrugs off ice and snow, and the durable material withstands wind and pelting rain. 

The downside is that you require an extra layer of insulation and heat to warm your home. While solar roofing can supplement the increased power requirement, you can still expect higher energy bills. A further downside is that you can dent the metal easily. 

Fiberglass Asphalt Shingle Roof 

A fiberglass asphalt shingle roof offers you a good balance between durability and price. Strong and able to resist temperature extremes, this affordable solution is ideal for those with a limited budget. 

The downside is that your shingle roof will not last as long as metal or slate options, and hail can crack the shingles. A further consideration is that the wind can lift off individual pieces, making roof repair necessary after strong storms. 

Polyurethane Synthetic Shingles

Polyurethane synthetic and solar shingles come in the top spot for colder climates. Each piece looks like a real piece of Cedar, with rich color and texture. The material is heavy enough to withstand gale-force conditions and will not crack or warp due to extreme temperatures. 

Unlike laminate shingles, these high-quality options consist of one solid piece of polyurethane. The material won’t rot, become brittle, or crack easily, making it the top choice for replacing your existing roofing. 

What’s more, they have a high-impact rating that makes them challenging to dent or crack. The material is also a natural insulator and will keep your home warmer during icy weather. 

Which Option is Best for Your Home? 

There’s no denying the beauty and longevity of slate. Those tiles will look fantastic for decades and require little maintenance. 

However, the price may be difficult for some property owners to manage, especially considering that you need to shore up your roof to bear the weight. 

Metal roofs are also attractive and last well, but their cost is prohibitive. The fact that hail can dent them fairly easily is also problematic. Who wants to spend a fortune on a statement feature that could eventually have more divots than a golf ball? 

For most homeowners, the simple shingle is the best choice. Synthetic shingles look similar to natural wood without the expense and cumbersome maintenance. The materials provide solid coverage and enhance insulation within the home. 

While a shingle roof will never outlast a metal or slate one, it is affordable, beautiful, and highly functional on several levels. 

Would you like to discuss your options in detail? Contact AWS Roofing at (386) 210-9673 and arrange your free estimate. Our on-site inspector will come to your home, evaluate your roof, and give you honest recommendations. 

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