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AWS Roofing is a Family-Owned and Operated roofing company serving both residential and commercial clients for roof repairs, roof replacements, and high-quality roofing services at fair and affordable prices.

Tile roofing is one of the most popular, stylish, and beautiful roofing options for property owners in Florida. This roofing system can last for 100 years or more with proper installation and maintenance.

They are weather-resistant, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and highly versatile, making them the ideal roofing option for your Daytona Beach home or commercial building. 

At AWS Roofing, we offer a full range of residential and commercial tile roofing services, including new tile installation, tile roof repairs, tile roof replacements, and maintenance in Daytona Beach, Florida. With over 30 years of working on residential and commercial roofing projects, our highly-skilled, licensed roofing technicians have the expertise to install and repair different styles and types of tile roofing on homes and commercial buildings of all sizes and architectural designs.

Our experts will use their decades of combined experience to help you select the best tile roof that will add to your home’s curb appeal and value at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a new tile roof installation or repair, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free estimate.  

What is Tile Roofing? 

Tile roofing is typically made from slate, metal, clay, or concrete and can be molded to meet your home’s unique style and taste. It comprises overlapping roof tiles securely attached to a roof deck or solid substrate on a sloped roof. Tile roofs can be installed in commercial and residential properties of different architectural styles, from authentic New England Colonial and Spanish to contemporary, historical, or Mediterranean styles.

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Different Roofing Systems We Work With

Tile roofs are an excellent way to customize your home’s appearance. They’re available in different styles, textures, colors, and shapes, and each has its unique benefits. Here are some of the different types of tile roofing available at AWS Roofing:

  • Clay Tile Roofing: Clay roofing tiles have been a popular roofing option for centuries among homeowners. They’re popular on homes with a Spanish villa, Terracotta, French, and Mission aesthetic. Clay tiles are available in an increasing array of colors, shapes, and patterns and are incredibly durable and easy to maintain. But due to their delicate nature, they’re more expensive to install. Luckily, this investment can pay off thanks to its long lifespan.
  • Concrete Tile Roofing: Concrete tile roofs are one of the least expensive roof tile options on the market. They are highly versatile and can be shaped and molded in almost any shape you prefer, and can be molded to simulate slate tiles, wood shake shingles, or clay tiles. However, concrete is heavy and will require a reinforced roof structure to handle the extra weight.
  • Metal Tile Roofing: With today’s innovations in alloy and coatings, metal roof tiles roofs are cost-effective and visually appealing, with the added benefit of being long-lasting. The most common material used in metal roof tiles are steel, aluminum, zinc, and copper and offer a nearly unlimited variety of color options. They are available in different shapes and patterns and can be made to imitate slate tiles, wood shake tiles, barrel tiles (Spanish roofs), or even regular shingle patterns. They’re lighter in weight than clay, slate, and concrete tiles, so no need for reinforced roof decking.
  • Slate Tile Roofing: Slate tile roofs are popular due to their superior durability, natural appearance, and longevity. Since slate is a natural stone, it provides some dramatic color variations that only mother nature can produce. Slate tile colors can range from black, gray, and purple to red rust-colored. Slate roof tiles are heavy and expensive to install, but since they’re impervious to weather, can last for 100 years or more, fade-resistant, easy to maintain, and provide breathtaking curb appeal, slate tiles are well worth the cost.

Tile Roof Installation

Due to the delicate nature of tiles, installing a tile roof requires professional technicians with extensive experience. When properly installed, tile roofs can last 100 years or more. Our team of highly skilled roof installation experts has years of experience installing tile roofs in Daytona Beach. We will guide you on your tile roofing options and help you find the best tile roof style for your home. You can count on us to deliver an impeccable installation on time and within budget.

Tile Roof Repair

Tile roofs, while durable, aren’t indestructible and are susceptible to damage. At AWS Roofing, we provide effective and efficient tile roof repair services at an affordable price. If you’re dealing with a leak, missing, cracked, or damaged tiles, have storm or hail damage, or any other tile roof issue, give us a call and let our licensed team of roofing experts fix your roof. We will assess the damage, identify the problem and recommend an efficient and cost-effective solution.

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If you’re in the market for a new tile roof or need help repairing your current roof, AWS Roofing is your go-to tile roofing company in Daytona Beach, Florida. When you trust us with your tile roofing needs, you can expect unparalleled customer service, exceptional craftsmanship, and transparent and affordable pricing. Contact us today to schedule a free tile roofing consultation.

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