5 Causes of Roof Damage in Florida

by | May 20, 2021 | Roof Damage

Your roof is built to withstand constant pressure from the elements and protects you daily from the wind, rain, and sun. Unfortunately, your roof isn’t indestructible and will become damaged at some point. While there are ways to reduce the likelihood of roof damage, sooner or later, you’re going to need a roof repair. Luckily, professional roofing specialists at AWS Roofing can diagnose the exact cause of your roof problem and fix it fast.

But it’s still vital for homeowners to be aware of the most common causes of roof damage, so you can do everything possible to prevent it and get any necessary roof repairs done quickly while the damage is minor. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common causes of roof damage in Florida.

1. Inclement Weather

Locals and visitors love Florida’s climate, but the truth is Florida’s weather can wreak havoc on your home’s roof. High temperatures, rainstorms, hurricanes, thunderstorms, humidity, strong winds, and hailstorms roofs can cause a lot of damage to your roof.

Strong winds may rip shingles off your roof or cause debris like tree limbs to crash into your building, while high temperatures can dry out the shingles over time, causing the edges to curl upwards and become susceptible to being ripped off by the wind. Hailstorms can create weak spots on your asphalt roof or even cause the tiles to crack or break if the ice is heavy enough.

We encounter many properties with serious roof damage caused by severe weather, such as extensive structural damage, blow-offs, damaged flashing, downspouts and gutters, and damaged skylights. It’s always a good idea to have our team of dedicated experts perform a thorough roof inspection after a severe storm. We will determine the extent of the damage and deliver high-quality repairs or replace your roof to provide the best protection for your home and family. 

2. Age

Age catches up with us all, and your roof is no exception. Typically, shingle roofs can only last for 25 years, while metal roofs can last up to 75 years. If your roof is old, you may notice cracks, flashing, leaks, and rotting in multiple places. It’s crucial to know your roof’s lifespan, stay up-to-date with this information, and make sure you perform regular maintenance on your roof to keep it in good shape.

If you suspect you need a roof replacement, the experts at AWS Roofing can assess your roof, guide you on your roof replacement options and install your new roof. 

3. Poor Installation

It’s critical to rely on experienced, tested-and-proven roofers when you need a roof repair or installing new roofing. Often, the reason people need roof repairs or replacement is because of improper installation work. Perhaps the last contractor simply roofed over old shingles, used low-quality sealants or no roof sealants at all, didn’t fasten or overlap shingles correctly, didn’t install proper flashing, or didn’t use underlayment.

Correct installation is as critical as the material grade for the longevity of a roofing system. At AWS Roofing, we only use highly trained, qualified, experienced, and licensed roof installers, use high-quality products, and adhere to state and federal regulations, ensuring a flawless installation.

4. Lack of Maintenance

Your roof needs constant professional maintenance and care, such as cleaning, annual inspections, and roof repairs. You have to check your roof regularly for any cracks or leaks and have them repaired as soon as possible, even if they seem minor. Regular roof maintenance allows minor issues to be identified and fixed before a leak develops or a more significant section of the roof fails, saving you a great deal of time and money. The better you maintain your roofing, the longer it is going to last. 

5. Pests

Pests such as rats, termites, carpenter ants, mice, bats, squirrels, and bees can cause damage that requires extensive roof repair. They can chew holes in the roof, make cracks in the roofing material, and cause structural damage that can ruin your home or business. Even worse, the presence of pests can make your roof even more vulnerable both to water damage and other forms of pests.

If you find evidence of a pest infestation, it’s crucial to act quickly and get professional assistance in removing it. Routine roofing maintenance will help you identify problem areas and possible entry points and get them fixed properly, so you do not have to worry about pests damaging your roof. 

Call The Roofing Professionals

By keeping an eye out for these five common causes of roof damage in Florida, you should be able to take care of the problem before it results in significant damage. At AWS Roofing, our roofing specialists can inspect your roof for damage and perform the necessary repairs, replacements and installations. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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