Repair Vs. Replace? It Pays to Know What You Want

by | Jan 12, 2023 | Blog

If you’ve noticed leaks, broken shingles, or water damage on your roof, you may wonder what to do next. Many homeowners struggle to choose between roof repairs and roof replacements.

Many roof companies will push for a more expensive replacement regardless of your needs. For that reason, it’s wise to know the potential benefits and disadvantages of roof repairs v. replacements. You’ll have peace of mind that you’ve chosen the best solution and saved the most money. 

Our team at AWS Roofing provides the expert knowledge and craftsmanship you deserve while protecting your wallet. Our fully qualified, licensed, and insured technicians will help you make the most informed decision about your roof. 

Read on to learn the ins and outs of roof repair vs. replacement. 

Repair or Replace: Which Option Fits Your Budget? 

What is your budget for roof repairs or replacement? Fixing your roof is essential; you need protection over your home. But why pay for a full replacement when a simple repair might resolve the issue? 

Consider the following factors when debating between a roofing repair v. a replacement: 

  • How much would a roof replacement cost? 
  • How much does a roof repair cost, and how long will it last? 
  • How many roofing repairs have you needed in the past few years? 

The more repairs you require, the more likely a roof replacement is worth the expense. A replacement will cost you more than one repair, but repairs add up. They will eventually cost more than what you’d pay for a new roof. 

When calculating your budget, consider your insurance company. How was your roof damaged? If your insurance covers the damages and will help you pay for a new roof, a replacement may be your best bet. 

How Old Is Your Roof? 

A roof typically lasts about 25 years with regular maintenance. If your roof is less than 15 years old, repairs are often the best solution. The materials used in each roofing square will further help you determine your needs. 

Metal roofs can last over 50 years, while an asphalt roof lasts anywhere from 12 to 25 years. The roof material heavily impacts your roof’s lifespan, not to mention the price of roof replacements and repairs. 

Roof Replacements in Edgewater

A roof replacement in Edgewater or Daytona Beach comes with various benefits and potential drawbacks. 

Benefits of Roof Replacements in Daytona Beach

Homeowners and business owners gain the following perks after replacing their roofs:

  • Boost in curb appeal 
  • Peace of mind in the roof’s structural integrity
  • Newer, more energy-efficient roofing materials 
  • With regular maintenance, not needing repairs as often or at all for several years 

Depending on your budget, roof age, and the severity of damage to your roof, a replacement may be your best option. 

Disadvantages of Roof Replacements

Before you commit to a roof replacement, know these data points:

  • You’ll need a place to stay during construction 
  • There will be a clean-up required after the job
  • A roof replacement more expensive than a repair 

If you have a newer roof, pushing for repairs could save you money and help you get the most use out of your roof. A trusted roofing professional will tell you more about your roof requirements after a thorough inspection.

If several roofing companies suggest a replacement, you should strongly consider it. 

Roof Repairs in Daytona: Pros and Cons

Roof Repair Benefits 

At times, repairs make more sense and deliver the following benefits:

  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Extended lifespan
  • Quicker turnaround 

Roof Repair Disadvantages

Sometimes, a repair is not your best option and will not save you money for these reasons:

  • Poor work can create more problems over time 
  • A repair may not fix the issue completely 
  • It’s more challenging to match roofing materials when doing a repair

The older your roof, the less effective a repair is. Weigh your budget, roofing materials, and roof lifespan before making a decision. 

Choose a Company You Can Trust 

Always request free estimates and consultations from multiple roofing contractors. It’s not always wise to choose the cheapest option; choose the most trustworthy company instead. 

Check references and read reviews to find the most reliable companies. Taking these precautions ensures you receive the help you need without worrying about workmanship or overpaying.

AWS Roofing is here for all your roofing needs. Our family-owned team will guide you to the right decision after carefully evaluating your roof. Call our team today at (386) 210-9673 for roof replacements or repairs in Edgewater and Daytona Beach, FL. 

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