Metal Roofing Myths Uncovered

by | Jan 10, 2023 | Blog

Many people don’t know much about metal roofing since it is fairly new. However, knowing the difference is critical to making an informed decision.

In this post, we’re going to share 11 common myths about metal roofing.

11 Common Myths About Metal Roofing in Daytona Beach, FL

Below are the 11 most common metal roofing myths:

Myth #1: Metal Roofs Are Too Expensive

Truth: Metal roof panels can be more expensive than asphalt, but they last longer, so in the long run, they’re cheaper.

When installed properly, a metal roof will last between 50 and 75 years before needing replacement. In addition, metal roofing materials can resist corrosion and rust, so you won’t need to repair them as often as other roofing materials.

Myth #2: Metal Roofs Are Difficult to Install

Truth: The installation process is pretty straightforward and is similar to installing shingles. Ensure you hire a reputable contractor with experience installing metal roofs.

Myth #3: It’s Difficult to Find a Contractor Who Installs Metal Roofing Systems in Daytona Beach, FL.

Truth: Many reliable contractors specialize in installing metal roofing systems in Daytona Beach, FL, and the surrounding areas, so you don’t have to worry about finding someone who can do the job right!

Myth #4: Metal Roofs Don’t Last as Long as Other Types of Roofs

Truth: Metal roofs can last up to 75 years! They’re extremely durable, can withstand the elements better than most roofing materials, and require minimal maintenance.

Myth #5: Metal Roofs Aren’t Energy Efficient

Truth: If you’ve heard that metal roofs aren’t energy efficient, think again. Metal non-corrugated and corrugated panels are more energy efficient than wood shingles or asphalt shingles because they reflect heat better and trap less heat inside your home, leading to reduced energy bills in the winter and summer months.

Myth #6: Metal Roofs Are Difficult to Maintain and Repair

Truth: Metal roofs have a long lifespan, so the chances of you needing to repair or replace your roof are slim. Because metal is a durable material, it can withstand high winds, hail storms, and other extreme weather conditions, so it won’t be difficult to repair.

Myth #7: Metal Roofs Aren’t Attractive or Beautiful

Truth: Metal roofs are one of the most beautiful choices for your home in Daytona Beach, FL. They come in a variety of colors and textures, so you can pick a roof that fits your style and personality. They even come with different finishes that can mimic the look of wood shakes and shingles, slate tiles, or cedar shakes and shingles. The options are endless!

Myth #8: There’s No Such Thing as a Green Metal Roofing Material

Truth: Although many metal roofing materials contain 100% recycled content, some aren’t. If you’re trying to find a green product, you’ll want to ensure that recycled content comprises your metal roofing material. But don’t worry: plenty of green metals are available in Daytona Beach and throughout Florida.

Myth #9: The Only Type of Metal Roofing Is Steel, Which Is Heavy and Inflexible

Metal roofing comes in many different styles and weights, including galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc-coated steel, and some of these options are more flexible than others. Aluminum is one of the most durable and cost-effective options available today.

Myth #10: Metal Roofs Are Prone to Lightning Strikes

One of the biggest myths about metal roofs is that they’re more prone to lightning strikes than other roofing materials, but this is simply not true. Metal roofs are better at protecting your home from lightning strikes because they have an electricity-conducting surface that dissipates the energy from a strike.

Myth #11: Metal Roofs Are Prone to Leaking

One of the most common myths about metal roofs is that they are prone to leaking. Other roofing materials, like shingles and asphalt, have a higher chance of leaking than metal roofs. Simple inspections and regular maintenance of your metal roof will help you avoid any leaks in your roof.

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