Metal Roof vs. Shingles in Winter – Which Should I Choose?

by | Oct 21, 2022 | Blog

Is a metal roof better than shingles in winter, or is the opposite true? Read on to learn more about residential metal roofing and whether it’s worth investing in colder climates. 

How Does a Metal Roof Hold Up in Winter? 

Metal roofing and siding will cost more than shingles but are highly durable. Metal roofing materials are a good option when dealing with harsh elements. 

Lower Heating Costs

Keeping your home warm is one of your largest utility bills in winter. One of the benefits of metal roofing is that it’s a highly effective insulator. The metal roof panel absorbs heat from the sun, staying warmer than shingles and reducing your heating bills in winter. 

Highly Durable

Metal roofing panels shrug snow off more quickly than shingles. The snow slides off the side of the roof and wall harmlessly before it gets a chance to weigh the sheets down. A metal roof made of galvanized steel has a longer usable lifecycle than wooden shingles. 

Less Chance of Springing a Leak

The technique we use when installing a metal roof makes it less likely to leak than a shingled model. As we use a roof and wall panel rather than individual metal tiles, there is less chance of gaps developing. 

With shingles, the individual tiles may lift or warp over time, while the metal will keep its shape. 

Year-Round Installation

A metal roof might tick all the boxes if you repair your roof during winter. Metal stands up to the cold far better than shingles, as it doesn’t crack or become brittle. Additionally, you don’t need to apply a sealant that may react to the cold. 

How Do Shingles Hold Up in Winter? 

Shingles are the more affordable option and hold up pretty well in the cold. High-quality asphalt or cedarwood shingles share many of the same qualities as metal sheets. You might want to consider this roofing technique instead of choosing the more expensive metal option. 

Lower Energy Consumption

Cedar shingles are particularly effective insulators. Using a reputable brand will make the additional expense worthwhile. Some manufacturers also incorporate materials to reflect sunlight, reducing energy consumption in summer. 

A Better Lifespan

Shingles don’t last as long as metal products, but they will last for around twenty to thirty years. With proper maintenance, you can eke out a lot more life from these materials. Regular roof maintenance will also help prolong the life of your roof. 

Impact Resistant

If you’ve been inside a building with a tin roof while rain is pelting down, you’ll wonder if the rain will come right through. Shingles absorb much of that impact, making it quieter inside the home. 


Affordability is one of the top reasons that people choose shingles today. They are a cost-effective, budget-friendly option in the short term. 

Should You Choose a Shingle or Metal Roof?

Which option should you select? The answer depends on your needs and budget. A metal roof wins out in terms of energy efficiency and lifespan, but we cannot discount shingles. Shingles provide affordable protection that has a decent lifespan. 

Your budget is bound to be the deciding factor, as metal roof costs almost double what shingles would. However, the season may make it imperative to pay the extra. While it’s possible to install shingles in winter, it’s not always advisable to do so. 

The critical difference is in the quality of the material you choose. You’ll feel satisfied with either choice if you select high-quality options from reputable manufacturers. Also, if we consider aesthetics, metal is the more unusual choice. If you wish to make your home a statement piece, a galvanized steel or copper roof is the way to go. 

Shingles come in several shades and types but are pretty generic. 

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