Average Lifespan Of A Shingle Roof

by | Nov 4, 2021 | Shingle Roofing

When it comes to your roof shingles, the lifespan will vary on a multitude of different factors. The material’s life span will be influenced mostly by the type of material used. However, other variables include the climate, the effectiveness of the shingle installation, and whether it was well maintained or not. 

Being in Florida, we know that we are in a tropical climate with lots of sun and will consider that when looking at each material’s lifespan. For shingles, there are the average lifespans for the six different types of materials commonly used: 

Built-Up or Modified Bitumen: 10 to 15 years

Rubber Shingles: 10 to 15 years

Asphalt Shingles (3-Tab): 15 to 20 years

Asphalt Shingles (Architectural): 25 to 30 years

Metal Shingles: 30 to 45 years

Concrete Tile Shingles: 35 to 50 years

Now, let’s take a look into some of the benefits and longevity factors that we will also need to consider when assessing the factors that affect the lifespan of each material.

Longevity Factors

Climate: Being in a tropical climate, we know severe weather conditions such as hot and humid summers, harsh rains, and hurricanes. Ultimately, protection from water damage is crucial in our environment. Metal shingles and concrete tile shingles are both excellent options for Florida residents.

Quality Of The Materials: For the most part, roofing shingles are like everything else. You get what you pay for. If you use cheaper materials, you can expect your roof to have a shorter lifespan. On the other hand, the higher quality materials will have a longer lifespan and will often save you money in the long run

Surface Orientation: The orientation of the surface of your roof will affect its lifespan. This is due to the level of sunlight that hits your roof. Roof slopes that face south will get more sunlight and thus will have a shorter lifespan.

Roof Angle: Likewise, to surface orientation, the angle with which your roof slopes will be affected by the sunlight. The more that hits your roof, the shorter the lifespan of the material. Generally, roofs that are steep and have a high pitch will last longer than roofs with a lower pitch.

Ventilation: Believe it or not, the ventilation of your attic will affect the lifespan of the roof. Unventilated or even poor attic ventilation can reduce the lifespan of your roof. In contrast, well-ventilated attics will generally have longer lifespans.

Installation: When it comes to the lifespan of your roof, proper installation is crucial. Improper or sloppy installation can cause serious defects that will shorten the lifespan of your roof. That’s why choosing the right roofing team is vital.

Choosing The Right Roofing Team

Now, while those factors are important, it is even more important that you pick a high-quality roofing company that can help you find the best roofing material type based on the factors that go into play for your home. Additionally, you want to choose a company that knows where to find the best products on the market. 

But other things you want to look for in choosing the right roofing company include proper licensing and credentials, a strong service record, excellent referrals, and ultimately, a company you can trust. Fortunately for Florida residents, AWS Roofing passes all of those checkmarks and is there to provide the best quality shingle roof repair and replacement.

Considering Shingles? Get A Free Quote Today!

Your roof is essential and undertaking a new shingle roof replacement or repair is no small task. That’s why it is critical to be acquainted and educated about the specific work, costs, and timetables presented before you choose the team to do the job. What has made AWS Roofing so successful is our expertise in roofing and our passion for the job. 

If you are a Florida resident and are thinking about getting a new shingle roof repair or replacement and are curious about the costs – AWS Roofing can get you a free quote today. For a free quote, call us at (386)-423-3076 or visit our website at www.awsroofing.com.

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