Is Your Roof Hurricane Ready?

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Blog

Even if we only experience tropical storm winds, your roof could be at risk. If you have missing shingles or need roof repairs, don’t wait till the next storm hits. Also, if your roof is worn or shows minor to moderate damage, now may be a very good time to look into preventive maintenance.

Why check your roof BEFORE and AFTER storms:

  • High winds can remove shingles leaving the roof deck underlayment exposed to the elements. 
  • Wind can lift and curl shingles which damages the seal that bonds the roof and shingles together leaving your roof vulnerable to rain during a prolonged tropical storm.
  • Hail and falling debris can leave dents in shingles and dislodge granules that keeping water out.
  • Roofs that are worn or damaged are easier to penetrate.

Obvious signs of damage may be dented, torn, or missing shingles. Minor damage of this type can lead to small undetected leaks. Make sure to inspect around the home or business for fallen limbs or any other debris. Inside the home or business, look for water stains or areas where water may have pooled. We do not suggest that you climb on your roof, especially after a storm since the roof might still be slippery. Please call AWS Roofing at 386-423-3076. Now is the time to call Volusia County’s “Voted Best Roofing Company” nine consecutive years, AWS Roofing, to take a look at your roof before predicted severe weather to avoid the delays of massive post-hurricane demand. We have the resources and manpower to help many homeowners and businesses after disaster strikes, but preventive maintenance is always recommended. Our customers come first! Call Today and SAVE 10% ON Roof Repairs! (386) 423-3076


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