How Long Does A Tile Roof Last?

by | Sep 25, 2022 | Blog

In the last few years, in particular, many Americans have considered or will consider ways to add value to their homes via renovations. One large value-add can be the type of roof that is installed on the home. Certain types of roofs are more valuable than others, mostly because the expected lifespans for more valuable roofs are longer, meaning less frequent maintenance and replacement. Read on as we discuss how long a tile roof will last. 

About Tile Roofs

Tile roofs can be an amazing choice for your home’s new roof. Many people choose them because of their beautiful aesthetic and distinct style. Tile roofs come in a variety of materials, such as slate, clay, or terracotta, however, most today are made of concrete. In addition to the different materials tile roofs offer, they also can come in several different shapes, like curved or flat. 

Tile roofs are often selected by people in climates where severe weather is a norm and near oceans. The reason for this is that they stand up quite well to storm damage and salt air or water exposure. These roofs can also be good for warmer climates because they help bolster the energy efficiency of the home on which they’re installed. Because of this and the recyclable materials they are made from, they are actually considered quite environmentally friendly.

Tile Roof Life Expectancy

Perhaps the biggest reason people select tile roofs for their home is for the simple fact they hold up for a long time. Nobody really enjoys having to replace their roof, so the ability for it to last a long time, with infrequent maintenance, is enticing to many.

Tile roofs can be expected to last between 40-100 years, depending on the climate in which they are in. Unlike other roof types, tile roofs do not decay, which is part of what makes them so strong over time. Tile roof manufacturers are so certain that your roof will last a long time that many of them offer lengthy warranties up to 50 years.

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