Enhancing Your Curb Appeal with a Metal Roof 

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Are you looking for an effective way to boost the curb appeal of your residential or commercial property? Metal roofing has evolved substantially over the past 50 years, giving homeowners more choices when undertaking roof repair and replacement projects. Innovative metal roofs last much longer than other roofing materials and require fewer repairs. 

After only five years, a low-cost asphalt shingle roof may require replacement services. Conversely, a professionally installed metal roof can last at least 70 years, and often over 100. Home and business owners can find superior metal roofs matching their style and design preferences thanks to improved installation methods and countless premium metal roofing materials. 

If you seek long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing roofing materials, metal roofing may work perfectly for you. Speak with your local roofing professionals for up-to-date price changes and current inventories of metal roofs in Volusia County. Property owners can significantly improve their home’s curb appeal, value, and return on investment by installing a metal roof. 

Understanding Metal Roofing 

Metal roofs have been widely used in the commercial and industrial industries for their superior durability and longevity. However, Florida homeowners have begun to appreciate metal roofs as well. Constructed from durable aluminum, steel, and copper, metal roofs require less maintenance than tile, slate, and wooden roofs. Most metal roofs offer corrosion-resistant materials and coatings. 

For Florida residents, protection for homes from inclement weather conditions proves paramount. Blustering winds, tropical storms, and hurricanes put tremendous pressure on roofs, forcing property owners to undertake expensive roof replacement projects. Metal roofs withstand wind gusts exceeding 140 mph and won’t deteriorate when exposed to heavy rainfall or high humidity. 

When you think of metal roofing, you may picture monochromatic, gray roofs that lack design. Fortunately, metal roofs have come a long way since their initial use in the 19th century. Now, home and business owners can choose from countless metal roofing colors, designs, and layouts to achieve stunning results comparable to more expensive terracotta and natural wood roofs. 

How Metal Roofs Improve Curb Appeal 

Potential homebuyers seek homes equipped with long-lasting, well-maintained roofs. A roof replacement project can require weeks of work, expensive labor costs, and can massively disrupt daily routines. No new homeowner wants to undertake such a laborious process shortly after moving into their new home. 

The many benefits of metal roofing include the following: 

Easy Metal Roof Installation 

Metal roofing remains one of the easiest roofing materials to install. In many cases, roofing professionals can fully install a new metal roof in less than two weeks. Experts can even install metal roofing over your existing roofing materials, saving you enormous amounts of time and energy. 

Roofing professionals inspect your roof ventilation systems, underlayments, membrane, and sheathing to repair any damage before installing premium metal roofs. Moisture barriers and insulation installed between the roof decking and metal panels help protect your roof from excess mold growth and moisture damage. Once your roof structure is safe and secure, professionals install metal roofing according to your color, material, and design selections. 

Energy Efficient 

Metal roofs are smart choices for homeowners looking to reduce energy costs. The energy efficiency of metal roofs continues to impress Florida home and business owners, helping to keep properties cool in the summer and cozy throughout the winter months. Corrugated iron, sheet metal, and copper roofing panels reflect harmful UV rays away from your property, regulating temperature changes and putting less stress on your property’s HVAC systems. 

Added silicone or acrylic protective coatings further improve the energy efficiency of your newly installed metal roof. Speak to your local roofing professionals to learn more about how metal roofs can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs. 

Vast Selection of Colors

Metal roofing color options have expanded greatly in the past few decades. You can customize your new metal roof to resemble any natural stone material you like, greatly enhancing your property’s curb appeal. Some of the most popular color choices for metal roofs in Florida include: 

  • Patina Green
  • Roman Blue 
  • Terratone 
  • Slate Gray
  • Buckskin
  • Light Stone 

Mix and match different color options to give your property a unique appearance. If you can’t find a color you love from stock color options, many roofing professionals can order customized colors from roofing manufacturers. Unlike asphalt shingles or TPO flat roof materials, metal roofing gives property owners the customization options they need to construct one-of-a-kind, durable roofs. 

Why Choose Metal Roofing? 

Metal roofs have exploded in popularity throughout the United States due to their long lifespans, incredible corrosion resistance, and low maintenance requirements. To maintain your metal roofing, schedule annual maintenance services with roofing professionals to help remove debris from your roof. When you install a metal roof, you no longer have to worry about shingles blowing away, broken roof tiles, or excessive moisture damage on your roof. 

Metal roofs also have extended warranties that protect property owners from paying for costly roof repairs and replacements. If any discoloration or damage begins to affect your new metal roof, installers repair all damage at no additional cost to property owners under warranty. Enhance your property’s curb appeal and avoid cumbersome roof maintenance projects by considering the benefits of metal roofs in Volusia County. 

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