Best Roof Types to Install Solar Panels

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Blog

Many Americans have turned to solar panels to help lower painful, rising energy costs over the past few years. Many others have started their solar journey as a simple effort to contribute to a greener tomorrow. Regardless of the reasoning for installation, ensuring your home is right for solar is a great first step to take if you’re interested in going solar. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the best roofing types for solar panels, so that you can make an educated decision.

About Solar Panels

The process of installing solar panels on your home can be a rush of emotions. It can be stressful, frustrating, and also exciting with the prospect of saving money. It’s exciting to live in a world where solar is becoming more mainstream and readily available for homeowners. This also means decreased costs for installing the systems, coming in at around $12k to $15k for installation (after the federal solar tax credit). But, why the range? One of the reasons can be the type of roof your home has and how easy or challenging it is to install. Read on as we discuss the best types of roofs for solar panels.

Best Roof Types for Solar

Though many roofs are suitable for the different types of solar panels, here are some of the best:


Asphalt shingles, a very common type of roof in residential homes, are a great material for solar panel application. The shingles make installation fairly easy, as the professional simply need to drill studs into the roof and attach the solar panels to them. It is recommended to have a roof that is younger than 10 years old before installing, as you will need to uninstall the panels prior to having your roof redone. 

While shingles make great roofing material for solar panels, they do only last between 20-30 years, which may mean you need to replace your roof before replacing your solar panels. This can lead to extra money spent on the panels.


Metal is also a commonly-used material when installing solar panels. Not only do metal roofs inherently save you money due to the way they insulate the home, but they also are extremely durable, lasting 40-70 years, and tend to outlast the life of the solar panels installed on them. Metal roofs are also popular because of their aesthetic and safety during extreme weather conditions. Panels are simply clamped onto the metal’s seams, so labor for installation is a breeze.

The biggest drawback to using a metal roof with solar is the price. Many people find it difficult or frustrating to pay more upfront for a metal roof, but over time, they can certainly be worth it.


Finally, tile is a great option for solar panels. Whether the roof’s tiles are concrete, slate, or clay, these are all fine for installing panels. Installation is a bit different than metal and shingle roofs, as the tiles have to be removed in the area in which the panels will go. This is still fairly simple but can be a bit higher in labor cost compared to the other two. 

The biggest downside of tile roofs is probably again the price. You are paying a premium for good quality material and a certain look with tiles.

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